Licensing Update

bowen island There has been a considerable amount of press in the Switzerland recently concerning applications for new casino and gambling licensing arrangements in both Zurich and Geneva.

According to recent report into online gambling in Switzerland, online casinos and other forms of gambling continues to grow at a steady rate year on year.. Other statistics released in Switzerland explain why a number of European operators have been quick off the mark in acquiring European gambling businesses in an attempt to be first to market in what can only be described as one of the world’s most lucrative gambling sectors.   Whilst the land based gambling and casino markets are relatively mature, the online gaming markets are still in relatively early stages of their life cycle, and opportunities still exist for new and established online e-gaming operators to move into this market.  Whilst the usual array of traditional gambling games are popular with Swiss audiences, electronic gaming machines  are incredibly popular, and online versions of slot machine games are attracting a considerable amount of interest from players.

bowen island Gambling operators have a number of options when entering the new markets.  Below we outline the basic requirements normally required in securing an e-gaming licenses in regulated markers.  The online gambling market in Switzerland comes under the control of the Swiss Federal Gaming Board (SFGB).  Rumours persist within the e-gaming sector that Switzerland will soon become a regulated online gaming market.

The issue with the regulation of the Swiss online gambling sector is however a complex one.  In particular the subject of enforcing Swiss law in jurisdictions outside of their control is an issue which many regulated markets have attempted to address. The situation is complicated further by the popularity of e-wallets, or online payment systems such as Paypal.  These banking methods are used frequently to deposit and withdraw funds from online casino operators.  They have become so popular that a number of Paypal casinos are now available to players, and this growth in popularity looks set to continue for some time.

For more information on licensing arrangements as well as statistics on the growth of mobile gaming in Switzerland then please check back with us as we hope to add more information to the site on these subject very shortly.